Iwish I had a Magnolia in my garden!

Oil on gesso board 9.6 x 7.2 inches


A windy day

Along the south coast of Norway you will find a place called Mølen. It`s a morraine from the ice age and very windy and fascinating landscape.

Oil on canvas 9.6 x12 inches.


A sunny day

I painted this from a foto taken a few years ago in a beautifull irland called "Jomfruland" in the south coast of Norway. We used to spend some days there during the summer.

6 x 6 inch. Oil on gessoboard


Red is my colour

When I put a light on this pepper I saw a lot of other colours to, beside of red of course.

Oil on canvas 15 x 15 cm.


Barly pink

I put a few roses in a vase and thought I would paint all of them, but in the end it became just one rose in focus!

Oil on canvas 15x15 cm.

Cup on the top

The callenge her is the colours and to make it fresh, quickly painted. I always use to draw the composition first and block in the value
(I use burnt umber)

Oil on canvas 15x15 cm


One inside- two outside

I love the colour of the subjects in this painting. Reminds me of a bright summerday!
 (longing for it).

Oil on canvas 15x15 cm